Rose Petal

by Wilson Harwood



Rose Petal is a giant step forward for Wilson. This is the first track he recorded and mixed entirely in his own home studio. It stands as an example at what can be accomplished these days as technology improves. But it also stands as an example of the walls that still exist. The song was written about a year ago. Wilson has played it live many times and is happy to have the song recorded.


You are my rose petal
Sitting softly on my table
Oh so strong and stable

I’m talking in circles
I don’t mean it all
It’s just verbal
Oh I don’t see tomorrow

California’s on the way
Barcelona Maybe Spain

Even with my doubt and sorrow
You look up to me to see tomorrow
I can be your steady man

We can travel to a different land
We can go there walking hand in hand
And find somewhere new to play

California’s on the way
Barcelona maybe Spain
You and I can’t be tamed

You are my rose petal
I can be your sturdy handle
and we can light a new candle
In every place we stay

And all those candles slowly burning
Fading away
as we look ahead and say

California’s on the way
Barcelona maybe Spain
You and I can’t be tamed
Never let this journey end


released March 8, 2017
All instruments and vocals performed by Wilson Harwood except
Drums- Corey "Scooter" Spicer
Back-Up Vocals- Lesley Herrmann
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Wilson Harwood
Mastered by Julian Lowe JML Mastering
Album Art by Wilson Harwood



all rights reserved


Wilson Harwood Nashville, Tennessee

Not afraid to bend genres, Wilson has been drawing on a diverse array of influences including bluegrass and old-time banjo, blues, soul, funk, Afro-pop and Americana. Wilson’s latest work incorporates banjo, guitar, ukulele and voice, making use of live looping, instrument changes, and layered vocal harmonies to create the rich sound of a full band with just one person. ... more


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